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    Classroom management

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    Focus on conflicts and challenging behaviors in the classroom. Record information about the conflicts and challenging behaviors and what conflict management, interventions, or other strategies you can have used as well as the outcome.

    Summarize one observed conflict or challenging behavior. Be specific without using specific names or other identifying information and include the following:

    Description of the conflict or challenging behavior;
    Description of the conflict management, interventions, or other strategies that were used;
    Analysis of the teacher response to the situation and the outcome; and
    Description of an alternative strategy to manage the conflict or challenging behavior. Give a rationale.

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    When summarizing one observed conflict or challenging behavior, Student X, grade 2, continues to get off task during reading time. He makes animal noises, blurts out random comments, such as "This is so dumb," and incessantly seeks attention from peers and his teacher. In turn, Mrs. XY gets red in the face, angry, and looks as if she is ready to cry.

    To reduce his outbursts, the teacher's interventions are mainly verbal threats to send him to the principal before even trying any other strategies within the class. She also tries to talk over his outbursts and ignore his off-task behaviors.

    Instead of ceasing his inappropriate behaviors, Student X seems to enjoy the attention and role of class clown or troublemaker. He retorts, "Send me to the office. They have cool candy there!" he then breaks into a fit of laughter and falls out of his chair onto the floor and starts rolling sideways.

    When analyzing the teacher's response to the situation and the outcome, I deem it as highly ineffective. Her anger seems to escalate his misbehavior, in fact. Her verbal threats do not build a ...

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