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Classroom Management

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I have to write 500 words on classroom management and the importance of it especially when dealing with special needs kids. I have attached some of the information I have found thus far. But it all needs to tie in and talk about the components of classroom management. Please help get me started.

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I located a wealth of information to considered for your 500-word report. You have made a good start. I attached two resources that are very helpful and from which some of this response is drawn.


Classroom management is also closely linked to issues of motivation, discipline and respect. However, methodologies remain a matter of beliefs a teacher holds regarding educational psychology. (2) For example is Positive Classrooms developed by Dr. Robert DiGiulio, who sees positive classroom management as the result of four factors: how teachers regard their students (spiritual dimension), how they set up the classroom environment (physical dimension), how skillfully they teach content (instructional dimension), and how well they address student behavior (managerial dimension). (2)

Whether in a general, special ed, or inclusive classroom, teaching is a challenge. Handling 30 different kids with individual needs?and varying attention spans?can confound even the best teachers. One way teachers can help their students with special needs is to ...

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This solution discusses aspects of classroom management for children with special needs. Supplemented with two highly informative articles on behavior modification in the classroom and classroom management tips and beginning of the year ideas.