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With-it-ness in Teachers

The definition for "with-it-ness" is being aware of behaviors in the classroom at all times. My task is to discuss this term and why it is an essential characteristic of an exemplary teacher. I need to try and expand into two paragraphs.

The second question is; As a teacher concerned with maintaining a supportive learning environment, how would you go about preventing classroom discipline problems? The following are some ideals I came up with. I need help expanding and wording into a two paragraph response.
1. Students need a safe, supporting, inviting environment.
2. Rules imposed by external constraint remain external to the student's spirit.
3. Discussing rules and procedures with the students on the first day is important, but it may not be sufficient to obtain the desired behavior.
4. Once a system of rewards and consequences has been established and the students understand it, the teacher must enforce it consistently and impartially.
5. Encourage students to practice self-discipline.
6. Remember that the best way to maintain discipline is to maintain interest.
7. Maintain a safe, inviting learning environment that encourages risk taking.
8. Be proactive rather than reactive in your system of discipline.
9. Learn to distinguish between minor distractions and truly disruptive behavior.
10. Reinforce desired behaviors.

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Your ideas are great, and transferring them into two paragraphs should be pretty easy. Basically we just need to add in some elaboration/examples. I especially like what you said for #2, and I wholeheartedly agree, as a classroom teacher for the last 9 years. I mixed up the order a little bit, to make it flow. I hope this works for you. My biggest advice when doing educational writing is to give examples, in quotes, of what to say.

As a teacher, I know that maintaining a supportive and well-managed classroom is crucial. Knowing what is going on in a classroom at all times is called "with-it-ness," and it involves a certain kind of interpersonal intelligence as well as an in-depth knowledge of my students. Students need a safe, supporting, inviting environment, and when rules are imposed on them that they don't understand, some students do not internalize them. Simply discussing rules and ...

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What does it mean for a teacher to be "with it?" No, I don't really have eyes in the back of my head, but I'm very aware of what goes on in my classroom, and frustrating situations rarely escalate. How do I do this? Read for the answer.