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Encouraging Support

Chapter 4 describes children in Erikson's initiative versus guilt stage as interested in learning about the world, mastering new skills, and making new friends (Wardle, 2013, p. 80). Reflecting on this, describe in-depth how you can encourage support of these stages in your future role in the early childcare classroom, outdoor environment, and home environment.

For this discussion, your post can be a written narrative addressing the required components, or you can use the template below to organize your ideas.

Suggestions for Support
Learning About the World
Mastering New Skills
Making New Friends

In the classroom
In the outdoor environment
In the home

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Suggestions for Support - It really supports about how students engage and interact, it is more than the outer behavior of engaging, and although support looks like encouraging inner feelings and attitude, it is about even more than this, it is supporting how they have come to know what they know, and then supporting that foundation.

Learning About the World - is all about how we want to know the world and how the world we create impacts our development. Through the stages individual go through, each person confronts and hopefully builds upon the successful completion of earlier stages.

Mastering New ...

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The following posting discusses children in Erikson's initiative versus guilt stage.