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    Peer Review Article vs. Popular Press Article Comparison Paper

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    PEER REVIEW ARTICLE Vs. POPULAR PRESS ARTICLE COMPARISON PAPER (15 points). Prepare a 1050 - 1400+ word paper by obtaining a recent (less than 6 months old) article from the popular press (newspaper or magazine) and then look up a peer reviewed (expert reviewed) journal research article (does not have to be as recent) on the same or similar topic. The purpose of this paper is to compare the scope and depth of content in the two different source types of articles and is not meant as a research paper on the particular topic you choose. Your topic should be related to the course objectives, like DNA, genetics, evolution, ecology, etc. You can find peer reviewed research articles by using the UoP online library. EBSCOhost, a major article database available at the UoP library, has an option to return only scholarly, peer reviewed articles from your search, and you may find this tool very useful. This paper is to be prepared individually, but you are encouraged to discuss ideas and concepts with your Learning Team members. Clearly summarize each article in your own words and contrast and compare their content as you answer the following questions:

    What was the attention to details?

    What triggered the research?

    Who conducted the research?

    What methods were used?

    What conclusions were reached?

    What does this tell you about Peer Reviewed Journal research article and a Popular Press article?

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    I think I can offer some advice, since I'm both one who has published peer-reviewed articles, and one who's been a student who's had to write many essays on topics I'm not very familiar with!

    You've been asked to write about 4 to 5 typed, double-spaced pages on this topic. That, in itself, may be daunting, but perhaps I can re-cast the question in a way that will help to make more sense to you, and which will, in the end, give you more material to write about, thereby making the four pages seem that much less daunting.

    You're asked to compare and contrast the "scope and depth of content" of the two types of article by examining their content. That's fine, and it is possible to do that. But I think that if you also looked at it from a slightly different angle, as well as using the content of the articles, as you've been instructed, you'll help yourself to understand the issue better and write the essay with more authority.

    My advice to you is to try to think of the people for whom each kind of article is intended. I'll use as an example of a popular publication that you might already be familiar with. If you're not already familiar with Discover magazine, ...