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    How to Tell if a Journal is Peer Reviewed

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    How can you tell if a journal is peer-reviewed? Why might it be important to select research that has been published in peer-reviewed journals? Can you provide a list of three journals that you can locate related to counseling, including the name of the journal, the database the journal can be found in, and the focus of the journal?

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    *Question: How can you tell if a journal is peer-reviewed?
    There are 3 major ways to find out if a particular journal is peer reviewed.

    1. If you are searching for articles in specific interfaces, such as EBSCO or Scholars Portal CINAHL, you can always limit your search to peer-reviewed sources by selecting one of the tabs-(any tab) or checking a box on the search screen.
    2. If you are actually seeing/viewing the journal itself, just review the editorial statement and/or the instructions to author. These are usually in the first several pages or at the end of the journal itself. There, you will see the references to the peer-review process.
    3. Finally, you can also go to Ulrichsweb.com (Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory) and search for the journal itself to see whether or not that particular journal is peer reviewed. What is the way to tell? If the site (Ulrich's website) says the journal is "refereed," then this simply means it is peer- reviewed.

    Extra Tips
    - An even easier way is to go to the Ulrichsweb.com and click the Get it! Button for the article. At the bottom, click "More Options" then "Learn more about this journal." This will take you to Ulrich's automatically and there you will be able to see info for the journal, including if it's peer-reviewed (refereed) or not.
    - You can also contact the editor of the journal. Typically he/she should be able to and willing to explain whether a particular article is peer-reviewed, and there is more about the journal/periodical reviewing process.
    - A full-text journal library is http://www.Questia.com/Journals, a great source.

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