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    agricultural biotechnology

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    Ideas and links for obtaining a recent (less than 6 months old) article from the popular press (newspaper or magazine) and a peer reviewed journal article on the same or similar topic are included. Advice on how to clearly summarize each article in is also achieved.

    What was the attention to details?
    What triggered the research?
    Who conducted the research?
    What methods were used?
    What conclusions were reached?
    What does this tell you about Peer Reviewed Journal article and a Popular Press article?

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    I have found two articles from agricultural biotechnology that you may find useful... here is the url for one from the popular press:

    and another from peer-reviewed literature:

    These are certainly two interesting articles, with similar focus but some glaring differences in approach. I hope you managed to read through all of both of them and gain some understanding of the heady issue of biotechnology in agriculture. This is a topic that has recently been of utmost importance to many biologists, both those involved in biotech and those in conservation and environmental science.

    In answer to your specific questions, I will try to give you some input about each one separately.

    a) It struck me right away that Altieri's paper was far ...

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