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    elements of the story analysis

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    Compare a short story to the film version or to another form of visual media.

    O'Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game" versus The Most Dangerous Game film

    An introduction and some general guidelines are provided.

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    For the student,
    In order to help you instantly with this assignment, I had to re-read and rewatch the film myself. I have gone ahead and chose the first option for you to save you time wrapping this assignment as soon as I will have returned it back to you with my comments and suggestions.

    For the introduction paragraph: please make sure that you state the purpose of writing this essay and at the end of the paragraph, you must include a thesis statement which is a claim for your main argument of the essay. Since it is Brainmass' company policies that I am not supposed to write the essay directly for you, I will however locate a sample introduction paragraph to get you started. Please be reminded that the OTA will always have to personally review the work and the film required by the student before returning the student's original post with replies. I have already watched the film again via Youtube.Com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLhosz8Zw6o

    That is the direct link for this short film. If you will watch it, it only takes 1 hr of your time to finish watching the movie. The short story is a breeze to read as well. I have located the direct site where you can print the story. You don't even need to read the entire story now with my help because I have narrowed down to some passages where you should quote for the purpose of this compare/contrast essay.

    I will provide you a sample first page to get you started because I'm not allowed to write any for you because this would defeat the purpose of tutoring from Brainmass.Com. I would assure you that you will finish this draft in no longer than four hours of your time: first hour~watching the ...

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    Elements of the story analysis are thoroughly explained in order to guide students toward essay formulation.