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literary elements and "The Lottery"

Please help me this problem. Thank you!!!


Focus on a theme, or a symbol, or a character, or a way that the author uses language or setting. EX: How the 'worn path' in the Welty story of the foreshadowing in " The Lottery" creates an auspicious or ironic end.
Here's what I don't want: an author bio or a plot summary. I want you to find an idea from within the story (and from within McMahan's list of story elements: PLOT, THEME, SPECTACLE, LANGUAGE, SETTING, AND CHARACTER ) to focus on.

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I love this story, even though it's very morbid and depressing. But, what drama and lead up!

Anyway, what your instructor is looking for is analysis, which means you pick apart the story and try to find either symbolism or foreshadowing or metaphors that the author is trying to use throughout. The Lottery has many interesting aspects to it, because first off, you don't really know why this is a tradition, if this is something they do to reduce the population, why would any group do this, what is the point? What is it teaching the young generation? It's all so strange and ...

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Literary devices are explicated in this story.