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fundamental elements of setting in film

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Discuss with examples the fundamental elements of setting (including but not limited to location, time, era, weather, and buildings). Sometimes setting is essential to a story, such as in The Perfect Storm, in which the setting is so integral that it could be considered a character unto itself. Are there other instances when setting is not so essential? What other elements of film might offset the impact of when/if setting becomes secondary? How may changing the setting to a different time and place affect a film?

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As you discuss with examples the fundamental elements of setting (including but not limited to location, time, era, weather, and buildings), I also believe that setting evokes milieu, social, technology, clothing, music, mannerisms, political, economic, racial, as well as cultural aspects/nuisances of a film. For example, the recent movie, Unknown, shows how linked and integral the unique setting of Berlin, Germany, is to ...

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