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    Film elements, such as sound, music, and lighting

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    Imagine you are a character in a serious suspense movie or a teenage slasher horror movie. What kinds of music, sounds, and lighting are likely to occur? From these, discuss how film elements manipulate audience reactions in films that use suspenseful techniques. What do you find to be the most successful aspects of a horror or suspense film?

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    Film elements, such as sound, music, and lighting are important not only for creating specific effects in films, but these elements can tell audiences the kind of film they are watching. That is, because films can be grouped into genres, which follow certain rules or patterns, the presence of one or several of these generic elements can immediately help the viewer identity the film. For example, usually films that begin with some upbeat jingle or song signals to the audience that this is a comedy film; on the contrary, in suspense and horror films, very specific kinds of sounds and musical scores are used. Typically in both genres the ...

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    Film elements, such as sound, music, and lighting are carefully emphasized in this tutorial.