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    Use of Sound and Cinemetography in the Silence of The Lambs

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    1. How does the cinematography positively or negatively affect your opinion of this film?

    2. How does the mise-en-scene affect your perception of the film?

    3. How does the use of sound affect your perception of the film?

    4. How does the use of music affect your perception of the film?

    5. How does the editing of the film affect your perception of the film?

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    1. In the film Silence of the Lambs the cinematography was excellent. The story was intended to be suspenseful and the cinematography seemed to convey that suspense. Various motifs of camera angle, shot duration, movement, point of view shots onscreen and offscreen space and framing let the viewer get a better feel of the intensity and realism of various scenes.
    Several different camera angles were used throughout the film. They were used to illustrate the height of a character, to provide more space on and off screen, and to symbolize the power and suspense of certain characters. For example when Clarice was in a room with several police officers, the camera was placed at a high angle looking down at the officers as well as the other characters. Low angle shots were used whenever Clarice was talking to someone taller than she was, for instance, Hannibal.
    The point of view shots were very important framing aspects throughout the movie. They played an important role in capturing the viewer's attention by putting them in the character's place. This took place during the scenes where Hannibla and Clarice would converse. The camera would remain on Hannibal's face as he spoke and it would then switch to Clarice's face as she spoke. Shot durations are manaipulated throughout the movie in various ways. For example, one moment the time setting is daytime and very soon after that day turns inot night.
    2. Mise en scene left a positive impression of the film. It was used quite effectively thorughout many scenes in the Silence of the Lambs. Lighting seemed to be a main component to mise en scene in the film. When Clarice first goes to the cell block of the prison where Hannibal Lector is, the camera shows the audience that there are bars that separate the guard's post from where Hannibal is being held. This conveys the impression that Clarice is alone and that if something bad were to happen there would be no escape. For this reason the scene creates tension because the viewer is made to feel that if Clarice is alone she could possibly die if something bad were to happen to her. This tension is only increased by the dimly lit corridor that faces her.
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