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    How is music central and necessary to human existence?

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    Describe how music is a central and necessary part of human existence.

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    Music plays a monumentally important role in human society. Music can be found as a trait of most every culture in human history, sometimes playing a central role in its development. For example, 19th century European culture was driven in no small part by the concept of Romanticism in the arts. Music was an enormous contributor to Romanticism, influencing the hearts and minds of like-minded musicians and artists as well as stimulating the creativity and imaginations of scientists as they made some of the most important discoveries in human history (a fact evidenced by Einstein, who suggested that he could only relax when playing music).

    The act of making music itself is a powerful driving force behind bringing people together. This can be seen in professional and amateur musical groups that come together to enjoy the craft of making music, but it can also be seen as a natural part of human existence. The drunken men in a bar ...

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