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    Reconcilliation of God's Omniscience and Human Free Will

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    Reconcilliation of God's Omniscience and Human Free Will

    a.Is proof for the existence of God necessary?
    b.Which argument for the existence of God is strongest? Why?
    c.What are the foundations of the universe and from where did the universe emerge?
    d.Can one be moral and not believe in God?

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    Necessity of Proof

    For people used to thinking via logic, proof of the existence of God is essential. As such, events and elements like miracles and other phenomenon (i.e. the healing of the sick) are attributed to be the 'proof of God'. But for me, faith works in ways that are personal so that when one 'believes', proof that can validate belief is not required or needed as this is part of the belief. For example, people who believe in God do not demand that they see God in person to believe, the just take on the perspective that God exists and it is this perspective that move them to recognizing that fact and put it in practice. So is the proof necessary? No, I think otherwise that is not the nature of belief.

    Strong Arguments

    There are a number of arguments ...

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