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Euthanasia is debated in Christian terms

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Many argue that assisted suicide or euthanasia is justified because it relieves a person from suffering. What are your thoughts about euthanasia, given what Christ did for us?
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With keeping in mind what Christ did for us, I do not believe anyone should take part in euthanasia or assisted suicide. Each person is unique to the God because we are made in His image, which is shown in Genesis 1:27. The person who has complete control over death is our Savior, and anytime a person chooses to kill another human being this is considered murder (Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 10). Anytime murder is committed, he or she thinks in that brief time that they are god but in reality are not. This was done in Germany when Hitler came to power during World War 1 and 2. Many innocent lives were lost for the sake of him gaining more power, and carbon monoxide was used as well as any kind of ...

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This solution provided an opinion on euthanasia and what Jesus did for us on the cross long ago.

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