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1. Distinguish between the four class of euthanasia

2. Should active euthanasia be permitted to spare the patient and family of their suffering when death is inevitable? How about when the patient is a minor should the parent be given this permission without patient consent?

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The Four Types of Euthanasia

Passive euthanasia involves doing nothing to prevent death. It involves stopping medical treatment and support systems, not resuscitating the person and not providing food and water. Although called "euthanasia" it is not really euthanasia at all. Essentially, passive euthanasia is simply allowing nature to run its course.

Active euthanasia involves the deliberate causing of death. It involves the active request of the one wanting to die. As a result, a physician or other individual directly causes the death of that human.

Physician-assisted suicide is the third type of euthanasia. Essentially, the physician provides the necessary tools for someone to commit suicide, i.e. pushing a button, turning a valve, have poison enter ...