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    Bibliography on Ethics in Research with Children

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    Looking for guideness on where to research for the most uptodate and comprehensive guidelines in order to decide why and if ethics have a place in research with children young people.

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    Gaylin, W. and Macklin, R. Who Speaks for the Child? The Problems of Proxy Consent (New
    York: Plenum Press, 1982).
    Grodin, M. and Glantz, L., eds. Children as Research Subjects: Science, Ethics, and Law (New
    Yorks: Oxford University Press, 1994).
    King, N. M. P. and Cross, A. W. "Children as Decision Makers: Guidelines for Pediatricians."
    Journal of Pediatrics (1989) 115: 10-16.
    Levine, R. J. Ethics and Regulation of ...

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    For those beginning research, this solution provides a list of four print and three online resources for the topic of ethics in research with children and young people.