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    three articles in APA format

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    Three articles are attached.

    Annotation Bibliography

    Annotation Bibliography Assignment Instruction: Write two or three paragraphs summarizing each article (must use the articles attached) in your own words. These paragraphs will serve as the annotation for your bibliography. Be sure to make a note of all necessary information for referencing the article in APA format.

     Use the APA format guidelines when preparing Annotation Bibliography

     Use the APA format guidelines when listing references

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    Logan, J. (2008), "Adult Vaccination - A Commentary",
    American Journal of Health Education, Vol. 39, No 5.

    This article discusses the reasons why few Americans receive the recommended vaccines that prevent them different communicable diseases. The author quotes a variety of sources to establish that there are multiple reasons why Americans do not receive the vaccinations they need. One of the reasons pointed out is the const of vaccination. Apart from cost, the other reasons identified by the author for a low rate of vaccination are low awareness, complacency, misinformation, and limited access to care.

    The author provides data and makes a strong plea for improving adult vaccination rates. The author implores health educators to collaborate with health care providers to help dismantle the barriers to vaccination. She recommends that health educators make an assessment of and research groups of population which have low awareness. In addition the health ...

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