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    Research about children with learning disabilities

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    This job offers resources about children with learning disabilities and the advocate role. It addresses the issue of advocacy in the human services field. It also includes a personal perspective on how you, as an advocate, can assist with problems such as housing, treatment, short- and long-term medical care, education, probation, and domestic violence.

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    Bibliography of accessible resources found on Google Scholar

    Journal articles:
    The Search for Identity: Defining Social Work - Past, Present, Future. (1999) Margaret Gibelman. Social Work, Vol. 44.
    Discusses the many ways in which social work can be conceptualized such as by the client population served (homeless people, children with learning disabilities, etc.

    Social Skills Training With Youth in School Settings: A Review. (1999) Gerald T. Moote, Jr., Nancy J. Smyth, etc. Research on Social Work Practice. ...

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    Research about children with learning disabilities is included.