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    Religious Discussion of Euthanasia

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    I need to help in responding to this individual's topic on euthanasia. Basically from the same point of view (Christian) (agreeing and adding why and perhaps a point not thought of):

    I have done something that most parents don't do. I have thought about what it might be like to sit at my son's deathbed. While this is a very unusual thought for a parent to have, and one that many would avoid, I know that at some point in my life it might be a reality. However, I do not dwell on such thoughts, because I do not what God intends for the future. However, my son, Wyatt, has a terminal disorder. While he has not yet experienced any symptoms, I know the very real reality that every doctor has told us, at some point he will have symptoms and they will be fatal. When that will be, we do not know. And while there are still possible interventions, such as a bone marrow transplant, that might help, right now we face the fact that our son may have some very awful physical symptoms in his future.

    Some people wondered why we would even bring a child like him into the world. But I would not trade my children for anything. And while I do not like the thought of my son being in pain, I know that his life is in God's hands. After all, God sent his son to this Earth for one purpose, to save us from our sins. And who I am to question God's will? If He could watch his son experience the most painful death both emotionally and physically, then how can we not value the life that God has given us? Simply said, euthanasia is an easy way out. I watched my father die from this very same illness. And while I could see the pain on his face at times, he faced his disease in the way I think God would have wanted him to. He bared with it. While I believe it is fine to ask that no extreme measures be made in bringing someone back to life, I do not think it is God's purpose for people to take their lives prematurely.

    I think of God, the Father of Jesus. His son went through such a horrible death. He could have allowed Jesus to die an easier death. Jesus could have avoided His death altogether had he lied. But neither one of them took the easy way out. And we, as believers, are all truly grateful for the debt that has been paid for us to live in the freedom and truth of Christ.

    Life is a precious, precious gift that God has given us. And while there are many pains that we may experience in life, emotionally, physically, and psychologically, we have not been given the right to take our lives or to take another's life. No one knows how they are might be used by God or what opportunities God may be granting them. We do not know the future. We may think we do, especially if we are facing a debilitating disorder, but we don't. God may have plans to use someone's illness for his glory. He may be giving an unbeliever an opportunity to believe during their prolonged suffering. God may even be planning a miraculous recovery. God is truly the only one that has a rights or any claims to our lives.

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