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I need to help in responding to this individual's topic on euthanasia. Basically from the same point of view(Christian) (agreeing and adding why or possibly a point not thought of). I have gotten one opinion and am looking for another.

Thoughts on Euthanasia

Assisted suicide is one form of euthanasia, the practice of assisting terminally ill people to die more quicklyâ? (Feldman, 2011, p. 613). There are many people who suffer immensely from cancer, diabetes, mental illnesses, and various other problems. At times they wish the pain to end and call upon modern medicine to assist them. One must question whether mere human beings have the right to take life no matter what the circumstances. There are several factors that must be contemplated when anyone requests to die. If they are suffering from a mental illness, they may not be in their right mind to make such a drastic decision. Also, they could be suffering from depression. Even if patients ask or sometimes beg health-care providers to help them die, they may be suffering from depression. In such cases, patients may be treated with antidepressant drugs that can alleviate the depressionâ? (Feldman, 2011, p. 614). It would be tragic to essentially kill someone who was simply depressed because of their physical or mental status. When one thinks of the death of Jesusâ?? death on the cross, it is hard to imagine that much pain on suffering. Not only was he spat upon, he was beaten, carried a cross, and was nailed to it. â??The physical and mental abuse meted out by the Jews and the Romans, as well as the lack of food, water, and sleep, also contributed to his generally weakened stateâ? (Edwards, Gabel, & Hosmer, 1986). No matter how much humans today suffer from illness there will never be suffering such as that of Jesus Christ. If he was able to endure all the physical and mental pain, who are we to give in and end lives because of suffering? Jesus endured far more than any human even before He was placed on the cross. â??Therefore, even before the actual crucifixion, Jesus' physical condition was at least serious and possibly criticalâ? (Edwards, Gabel, & Hosmer, 1986). In this day and age there are many stressors, illnesses, and heartache in life. However, the Bible explains that God does not put upon us more than we can handle. â??There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear itâ? (1 Cor. 10:13, King James Version). Jesus was able to bear much on the cross, and Christians should not end their lives during hardship. That is the time to pray to God for relief from pain.


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I agree that many of the individuals who are requesting for euthanasia are experiencing some level of depression and that many of them are not in their right mind at that time when asking for it. You were also right when saying that it is tragic killing someone who is already in this condition because there is already much hope for them and they are giving up too soon. ...

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