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Marketing in Relation to Consumers' Needs and Wants

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Does marketing reflect the needs and wants of consumers or does marketing shape consumer needs and wants?

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Now, my personal opinion is the latter: that the system creates wants and translates them into needs.
But of course, I can't speak for you. If that is true, then the whole capitalist system is based on fraud.

So let's look at some literature in this field:

Here's one that agrees with me:

Apparently, Listerine was meant to combat "chronic halitosis." More or less bad breath. They created a disease that does not exist so as to convince everyone that bad breath was a medical condition that this chemical can treat.

Here's a great quote you should use:

"With modern technology, scientific and psychological research business is learning to focus on ever smaller slices of the population. Thanks to Google, you and I can view the same website on our computers but we will be served completely different advertisements based on our previous surfing history. A variety of approaches can be easily tested until the most effective message can be identified. Depending on the market they are in or the products that they ...

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