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Film Noir: "The Lady From Shanghai"

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Please help with the following film topic that needs to be written in college essay form:

Explain How "The Lady From Shanghai" is a FILM NOIR.

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Film Noir: "The Lady From Shanghai"

* Firstly, what type of essay are you supposed to write? There are many different forms, and Purdue University has an excellent guide for how to construct your paper. Yet, you may want to check with your instructor to determine which "form" is required, such as:
- Expository essays
- Descriptive essays
- Narrative essays
- Argumentative (Persuasive) essays

See: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/685/01/

*Next, have you seen the film? The following link shows clips from the movie:

The film was made from the novel, "If I Die Before I Wake" by Sherwood King; and has an interesting subtitle, that says: "I told you...you know nothing about wickedness." It is obviously a ...

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This solution discusses how to write a college essay explaining how a movie, "The Lady From Shanghai" is a film noir.