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    Film trailers shock factor.

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    I need help with these two questions (About 200 words or more to each question.)
    1. Most people would consider the parts of the movie between all the over-the-top scenes of action, romance, and what-not to be boring, but then again, these are the very same people for whom the trailers are aimed at... people who can be easily deceived by action packed, romance packed, explosion packed, explosive kisses packed trailers. Would all those parts of the movie that people consider to be boring... would they sell the movie and get people into the theatres if the trailers where packed shock full of these scenes?

    2. Are we expecting big and great and exciting and fantastic and awesomely wonderful stuff from films? So much so, that once we watch the actual movie, we feel disappointed and let down? And then of course, fault the trailer for being misleading and getting us into the movie theater to watch a horrible movie? Do we expect too much?

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    I can answer these questions.

    1. I believe that it is time for the movie industry to do some consumer research or a focus group on this very subject. It seems harder and harder for the film companies to get it right. For instance: How many times have you watched a trailer and felt like you had then seen the film somehow. You felt like you had seen enough. You knew the film enough, just from that.

    Advertising for films is a funny business. I know that films get viewed by random samplings of people regarding different endings for scripts so find out which ones are the most popular. The same should happen with the trailers. First, who is the target audience. How can you create interest without either overwhelming the ...

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