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    Good Luck And Good Night

    A. Why do you think George Clooney made the film in B&W instead of color. What effect does B&W have upon the tone of the film? Is there a technical reason for making that way?

    B. In the film , as in real life at that time, everyone is smoking. How does Clooney use cigarette smoke in the film? (I feel like taking a shower after every time I see the film!) What other elements does Clooney use to shape the film?

    C. Since Clooney could have made himself the star of the film instead of a supporting role, why do you think he cast David Strathairn as Murrow? How do you feel about the casting of the other characters in the film?

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    A. I personally think that George Clooney made the film in B&W instead of color for various reasons. Technically, I deem that his use of B&W offered a much more authentic tone as it mimicked the actual time setting and era of the film, giving it a more technically accurate and historically relevant style and vibe overall. On ...

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    Some symbolism is briefly discussed in 200 words of personal reaction notes about the film, Good Luck And Good Night.