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The Godfather Movie SWOT

The Godfather


Don Corleone is the boss or CEO of a family crime business - the Long Island mafia in NY. He is seen as the most or one of the most powerful Mafia bosses in the country. The cover of the novel and many of the posters for the movie display a hand manipulating puppet strings. This is a metaphor. The Godfather is presumed to have so much power that he can control people & events the way a puppeteer controls the stage for his/her puppets.

The Godfather is approached early in the movie & asked if he wants to invest in the narcotics business. He declines & this sets in motion the long term conflicts between his Mafia family & the other families in the NY area. Resolving this conflict is the center piece of the movie's climax.

It is possible to look at Don Corleone's mafia family as a corporation. The offer to invest in narcotics was essentially an opportunity to add another strategic business or a new market to the Don's already prosperous illegal enterprises.


? Think about the family's income streams as separate businesses or divisions. For example, the unions is one source of income, gambling is another, narcotics could be a third.
? Think about each business with a product life cycle model as discussed the text.
? Also think about the components of strategy. Do you see analogies to the Corleone empire?
? Obviously, Chapter 3 is relevant to this case analysis.


1. Don Corleone decides not to get into the narcotics business. Why? How does this relate to his strategy for his Mafia family?
2. Conduct a SWOT analysis on the Corleone Mafia family. Conduct this analysis at the end of the movie, after the climatic finale. What has Michael done and why? How secure is the family as the movie ends? Pretend you are a management consultant. Advise Michael at this time.


The case should be typed, double-spaced & no longer than three pages. It is worth 30 points and graded on these criteria:

? Writing, grammar, presentation
? Use of class concepts in the analysis
? Critical evaluation of the situation (this means your own insights)



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1. Don Corleone decides not to get into the narcotics business. Why? How does this relate to his strategy for his Mafia family?

In the movie, Don Corleone declines an offer from an up-and-coming "businessman" named Sollozzo, AKA "The Turk". Sollozzo possesses some of the resources needed to begin a distribution system for a narcotics business in the United States. He lacks the up front financing needed for the operation and since the business is highly illegal, he needs police protection and political influence to ensure the business can survive. His proposition is for $1M and the Don's 'perceived' buy-in by those which he hold in his pocket, he will allow the Corleone family to receive 30% of the revenues without any other foreseeable expenses.

In the legitimate business world, an offer like this would be met with a bit of skepticism only because of what seems to be an inflated promise of returns. However, if due diligence proves the opportunity to be real, a corporation would very likely invest. Don Corleone, however, declines. Don Corleone states that he would potentially lose political friends if he were perceived to be engaging in a "dirty business" such as narcotics. His current business dealings, although illegal, were currently perceived as harmless vices and it is very likely that the people he held influence over partook of them from time to time. He also felt a moral objection to the ...

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