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1. Apocalypse Now
2. Saving Private Ryan
3. The Great Escape
4. Full Metal Jacket
5. Braveheart
6. Gladiator
7. Heat
8. Kill Bill
9. The Bourne Ultimatum
10. Fight Club
11. Blood Diamond
12. Trainspotting
13. Scarface
14. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
15. Glory
16. A Dog Day Afternoon
17. The French Connection
18. Mississippi Burning
19. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
20. Dances with Wolves
21. West Beirut
22. Unforgiven
23. The Deer Hunter
24. Pulp Fiction
25. Apocalypto
26. Raging Bull
27. Schindler's List
28. Slumdog Millionaire
29. The Killing Fields
30. Gangs of New York
31. Collateral
32. American Gangster
33. Matchstick Men

34. Forrest Gump
35. As good as it gets
36. Throw Momma from the train
37. Trains, Planes and automobiles
38. Dirty rotten scoundrels
39. The Hudsucker Proxy
40. The Big Lebowski
41. Brother Where Art Thou
42. The Lady killers
43. Amelie
44. Caramel
45. Secret & Lies
46. The Full Monty

47. The Godfather I & II
48. The Usual Suspects
49. The Silence of the Lambs
50. Seven
51. Oldboy
52. Clockwork Orange
53. Leon
54. Taxi Driver
55. Memento
56. The Departed
57. L.A. Confidential
58. Rservoir Dogs
59. Chinatown
60. The Prestige
61. Changeling
62. Fargo
63. Syriana
64. The Player
65. Shallow Grave
66. Eastern Promises
67. The Insider

68. Aliens
69. The Lord of The Rings
70. Matrix 1
71. Blade Runner
72. Sin City
73. Children of Men
74. 2001 A Space Odyssey
75. Batman Begins
76. City of Lost Children
77. Delicatessen
78. The 13th Floor
79. Pan's Labyrinth
80. The Fountain
81. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

82. Million Dollar Baby
83. The Shawshank Redemption
84. Citizen Kane
85. Goodfellas
86. Lawrence of Arabia
87. The Pianist
88. Requiem for a dream
89. Moulin Rouge
90. American Beauty
91. American History X
92. The Aviator
93. Elizabeth
94. Amadeus
95. Cinema Paradiso
96. Dead Poets Society
97. Great Expectations
98. In the Name of the Father
99. The English Patient
100. Crash
101. Mystic River
102. Magnolia
103. Doctor Zhivago
104. City of God
105. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
106. The man without a face
107. A beautiful Mind

108. The Shining
109. The Omen
110. Rosemary's Baby
111. The Exorcist

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1. Full Metal Jacket

Movie Summary -
This movie focuses on the life of one Marine and his abusive Sergeant. The movie begins with many individuals at Marine Boot Camp. The Sergeant, who was brilliantly played by R. Lee Herney, is a hard-nosed Marine who lives, breathes and eats the CORE. Nothing is more important to the Sergeant than God and his Country. The main character, played by Vincent D'Onofrio, is a sub-standard Marine and called Gomer Pyle by the Sergeant. Private Pyle is slow, overweight and it appears that he is mentally slow. The Sergeant feels that if he can rough up Private Pyle, he can get him in Marine shape. The issue is that Private Pyle is holding back the unit. When Private Pyle lags in his duties or his exercises, the entire unit is punished.
Private Pyle is abused by his unit members physically and mentally by the Sergeant. One night, Pyle can no longer take the abuse and kills the Sergeant and then himself. The movie depicts the mindset of the youth of the 1960s, their feeling about the war and how America was losing the war and its youth concurrently.

What was done well?

The story was accurately told. Unfortunately, wartime needs the armed forces. Unfortunately, some who are recruited or enroll are not the best physically and mentally for the action required. The writer, director and producer accurately depicted how the world was during the Vietnam War and how it affected so many.

What could have been done better?

The movie truly did not need to be so graphic. War movies of the 1950s showed the pain and suffering but in a much different light. War violence as in this movie had not been seen in this way since Apocalypse Now. I truly believe that some things need to be left to the imagination of the viewer. Discuss the situation but remove the graphicness of how cruel the world and war can be. Tell the story of the armed forces but make it respectful. Keep the physical abuse of individuals to a minimum; as the violence among the unit was disturbing. Disturbing in a way that makes the viewer look down on America's armed forces instead of looking up to them as heroes. John Wayne war movies told of a subject, a war, the affects of the war, how the war was one or lost and all was done without the graphicness that makes one uncomfortable while viewing.

2. Scarface

Movie Summary

This movie depicts the United States in the late 1970s. Jimmy Carter was President and the country was in a slump. Cuba is 90 miles north of Cuba by boat. Communist leader, Fidel Castro, decided to empty out his country's jails and when the jails were emptied the criminals swam, floated and rowed to Miami. Once the individuals entered American Shores, President Carter placed them in makeshift holding pens while trying to sort out how to best handle the situation. One of the individuals being held is the infamous Tony Montana, played by the wonderful Al Pacino.

The President decides to issue all of the immigrants' green cards allowing them to remain in the United States. Tony Montana works as a short order cook making no money and focusing on living the American Dream. How does one earn significant funds with no formal education? He uses his street education. Tony Montana starts out as a small time thug and drug dealer. He works his way up the ranks and becomes the biggest trafficker in Miami. Nothing can stand in his way. He marries his dream girl, purchases a mansion and protects his grown ...

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