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The movie "Supersize Me"

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Need help with the views of the movie "Supersize Me".

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Interesting movie! I also provided two movie reviews as extra information to consider for this question.


1. Need help with the views of the movie "Supersize Me".

"Super Size Me" is a movie that takes the "serious" subjects of health, nutrition, and corporate greed and turns them into informative entertainment. It is timely, with obesity on the rise in both United States and Canada. The movie gives the statistics (see the movie at URL: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1432315846377280008). It points the finger of responsibility at the large Corporations for making us fat.

Spurlock begins with statistics of the rate of obesity in United States and then he asks himself, what would happen to me if I ate nothing but McDonald's, which was the research question. He embarked on a one-month McDonald's binge. In the movie, a team of highly qualified doctors monitored his health every step of the way, and director Morgan Spurlock ...

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