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    Dissertation: McDonald's (ethics with regards to nutrition)

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    I need some helpful hints on ways in which i can carry out my dissertation. I have already decided to base it on Mcdonalds the fast food restaurant and in particular their ethics on nutrition. But how do i go about writing an aim and objective around this. also any other helpful guidance or good ideas to make a top grade dissertation. thanks

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    (P.S: Answer is provided below. I also a attached a source including general information about the company in pdf format. I hope this information can give you some ideas and help you in your further research.)


    First of all you can mention the increasing awareness of consumers (especially in U.S) about healthy nutrition. It is a good idea to talk about the change of fast-food consumer demographics. McDonalds Corporation is frequently blamed for aggravating a global obesity epidemic in the recent years. The company is planning to expand its healthy menu offerings while still keeping the focus on its core menu, burgers and fries. Jim Skinner, CEO blames childhood obesity more on lack of exercise than on overeating in fast-food restaurants. According to Skinner, the caloric intake of teenagers and young adults has risen only 1% in the last two decades, but physical activity has declined 13 or 14%.

    You can talk about McDonald's seven-point plan to market itself as a leader in the fight to promote healthy food. The company recently introduced a new PitaMac - based on the ...

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