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Summary of the Supersize Me Video

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This posting gives a summary of the Supersize Me Video that is often used in nutrition classes.

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Solution Summary

This is a summary of the video Supersize Me and a personal analysis.

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Have you ever seen an advertisement or a trailer for a video and thought to yourself "I don't think I would like that one"? Well this is what I thought about this video when I initially saw the video trailer. "Everyone eats fast-foot at some point, right"? Well I have since discovered how bad fast food can be for you. After watching this video it totally changed my perception of what fast food is capable of.

Before starting this experiment, Morgan was in excellent health. He worked with three doctors and a nutritionist to monitor this experiment. At the beginning of the experiment he weighed 185.5 pounds and all of the tests the doctors ran were normal. He had no medical ...

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