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Brothers and Keepers compare/contrast

Compare and/or contrast an aspect of Brothers & Keepers to another medium (book, painting, short story, song lyrics, case study, movie, poem, etc).
Use Brothers and Keepers as one of its prime sources. This also requires outside research and sources using MLA citation in the paper and MLA guidelines to create a Works Cited page.

Brothers and Keepers - by John Edgar Wideman

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Thanks for your note. If you need one more medium, I have another idea. Just let me know.

Please note that your question indicated to "another source." Because it did not specify two, I focused on the film with multiple sources for it. I have an idea for a music video/and/or song. If you want that, too, please send to me as a new posting (1 credit).

First of all, as you compare and/or contrast an aspect of Brothers & Keepers to another medium, I think that its themes and characterizations would align nicely with the film, Slumdog Millionaire. If you have not seen it, please rent this riveting film.

Because the memoir, Brothers and Keepers, exemplifies the brothers' relationships and their contrasting choices and consequences in life as the book shows how John Edgar and his brother Robby make different paths for themselves in life, you also might examine how the film, too, shows how the two brothers' life choices and fates also differ in Slumdog Millionaire. Like Robby who is serving a life sentence for a murder committed during a robbery, you might also compare how Robby's life and personality also seem to parallel the choices that the other brother Samir, made. Please note that unlike Jamal, who is dignified and morally sounds, Samir, his brother, "grew up to be a gangster" (http://www.independent-magazine.org/08/09/blogging-tiff-someone-who-nothing-has-everything-lose). Jamil, "refusing to follow the gang life of his gangster brother Samir" ...

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Brothers and Keepers is compared to another genre in piece in terms of themes.