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    Compare and contrast approaches

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    Part 1 of 2: Here is an amusing example of a Compare and Contrast approach, with a journalistic perspective (the URL goes to 2 lines but you need to put it all on one line in your browser, with no spaces):

    LoPresti, Mike. 2010. Class assignment: Compare and contrast Cornell, Kentucky. USA Today. Retrieved from the Internet April 9, 2010.




    Part 2 or 2: This article contrasts two sports teams. However, the "compare and contrast" style is very different from what you were asked to apply for the Case of Module 2. Which style is more effective?

    To answer this question: Compare the style of this article to the style you used in the 5-paragraph essay for the Case.

    Important: You are comparing the styles of a compare and contrast essay. Let's call the style you used in the Case Style A. Then LoPresti's style would be Style B. Use either the style of this article OR the style you used in the case to make your comparison.

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