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Movie Ethics reviews

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Description is provided in the attach file. Please I need some guides to get the homework done:

Please I need help in both of these essays. I don't need the essays to be perfect but Just help me with them.

Work #1. From our consideration of the use of torture as a traditionally forbidden tactic in war (just in bello) and our viewing of "Rendition" (movie), how would you teach about torture?
N.B #1 essay is the most important one.

Work # 2. "John Q" inspires several ethical questions in his movie. Since we are using this film to represent deontological moral theory (specifically Kantian), your essay is to delineate Kant's basic insights so according to Kant, did John Q act morally/ethically? Of course, you are also free explore and explain your own opinion.( 1 ½ or 2 pages).

Work # 3. In the movie "The Emperor's Club", characters display various virtues and vices and their various challenges. How do you see virtues and vices exemplified?
Note: (1 ½ or 2 pages).

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The solution below provides a study of the listed movies, relating them to ethical issues as required in the questions listed below. resources are listed for the purpose of expansion. A word version is attached.

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I am assuming that you need assistance in how to put them together. Obviously, I cannot write your essays for you but I can guide you in putting them together. You have presented 3 different topics. You are indicating help in 'both' and as such I am assuming that you are to choose only 2. If this is not the case, I am going to give you advice in the 3rd one anyway (see below). I am going to assume that you have already viewed these movies and have contemplated on them. Remember that you cannot work on all aspects of the movie, just one element the problem is asking you to. Now, 1.5 pages would be around 800 words at double space, times roman size 12 font sizes. This means that you can present a 3 or 4 paragraph essay on each. Having broken this down, I suggest the following outlines:

1. Introduction - what is this paper about? What was rendition all about? Why is it important to discuss 'just in bello' as a topic? - About 300 words.
2. Discuss torture and war - how was it presented in the movie and what are your own views of what you saw? - About 300 words.
3. How would you teach about torture? Here, just present your own views and ideas. About 200 words.

John Q.
1. Introduction - what is the movie about? What is this essay about? What is the ethical question raised? 300 words.
2. What is Kantianism? How is it reflected in the movie? 300 words.
3. What is your view? Did John Q. act in accordance with Kantian views? About 200 words.

The Emperor's Club
1. Introduction - what is the essay about? What are virtues and vices (define) and why is it important to explore the topic? About 300 words.
2. In the movie, what vices did you observe on which character? 200 words.
3. In the movie, what virtues did you observe on which character? 200 words.
4. Which is more important in the character of man? Virtues or vices? How do virtues and vices collide? About 200 words.

Having laid out the basic outline above, you now have an idea as to what to discuss and how to proceed with your paper. I have created a sample passages for you below for each 'paper' - they however are not 'full essays' this is your task. What the passages will do is to show you 'seed ideas' for each section, a beginning. You can expand on each section by discussing what is presented further and adding your ideas. Just look at the outlines above so that you will have a focused discussion. Do not stray or add new ideas not related to what is discussed - it is always better to focus so that your essay is sound. If you have any questions, just let me know. Good luck.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones


'Rendition' and 'Just in Bello'

The movie 'Rendition' (2007) directed by Gavin Hood and written by Kelley Sane is a political thriller. Starring Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgard and Meryll Streep, it appears at first glance that its draw is its stars. What makes it powerful though is the seriousness of its topic - the act of 'rendition' whereby operatives from the CIA or US intelligence can whisk away an individual suspected of putting the country in grave threat or having done ...

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