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    Being There: Book and Film

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    Please compare the film "Being There" to the book by Jerzy Kosinski, considering the following:

    - Is the film a successful interpretation of the book?
    - Are there any narrative differences?
    - Are the characters in the film as depicted in the novel?
    - Identify some of the media aesthetics used in the film.

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    When comparing the film to the book, both seem to scorn the major influence of television and video culture. Yet I deem the film as a more successful interpretation of the book and find its tone rather consistent between both works. The movie was more visually engaging for me and even more provocative in its ability to branch out thematically, not just stay in the Cold War mindset and focus. The fact that Chance learns purely through media is also common to both. I just felt that the visual effects and pacing of the film offered more cohesion, logical appeal, and overall thematic harmony than the book did for me.

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