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Evaluate the transition from a book to film Jurassic Park

Evaluate the transition from a book to film of "Jurassic Park"

Identify and describe the main features of film language and grammar, types of shot, camera movement and sound.

Visual elements of the film. Did the book's images translate well into film.

Comment on the similarities and differences between the main themes.

The sources must be from scholarly databases, journals, books, websites etc..

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If you are just in need of finding sources for this paper, here are 6 sources you can use for the paper:

Primary Sources:

The screenplay itself will be a valuable resource--you can compare how the screenplay says the specific scene should look compared to how the original book said the scene should ...

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Here are some sections and examples from the book that you can use for your paper, that are especially descriptive :

1.The novel has a couple of additional characters and minor characters from the movie have bigger roles in the novel (Ex. Henry Wu and Dr. Harding) 393 (Hammond is killed in the book, not the movie)