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Chemistry Problems

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When you are in a supermarket, which do you usually request, plastic or paper grocery bags? List the advantaged and disadvantages of plastic versus paper bags, and decide which is preferable. Then prepare a latter to the editor of a newspaper clearly stating your position and explaining your reasons for it.


A Web search for "landfills" can bring up high quality information about garbage. If you browse through these sites, you will see that a fair amount of controversy surrounds the plastic materials that can be used to construct the liner. Search for "landfill liners" and check out the plastics involved.

a. Which polymers are now used for liners?
b. What are their drawbacks?
c. Are there new polymers that offer more desirable properties? Cite the author and url of the web sites.


a. Calculate your BMI if you weigh 160 pounds.


One of the reasons that science fiction is successful is that it starts with a known scientific principle and extends, elaborates, and sometimes embroiders it. Perhaps you can be as successful as Michael Crichton was with Jurassic Park. Start by identifying a scientific principle, and then writing an outline (a few paragraphs) for a story based on that principle. Be sure to identify the chemical concepts that you plan to include and any pseudoscience that you might employ.

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1) When a mole of C2H4 is combusted it reacts with 3 moles of O2 to produce CO2 and H2O. How many moles of CO2 and how many moles of H2O are produced?

2) What is the mass in grams of 4.25 moles of Mg (NO3)2?

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Fe2O3 + 3CO --> 2Fe + 3CO2

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2F-F + O=O --> 2F-O-F

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