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I am currently composing an English research essay on Ambrose Bierce's An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge" and I am having a time finding critical essays and other critical works to use. I have searched the web high and low, and cannot seem to find any sites with such information.

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Dear Student
<br>The amout of literature reviews are limited. There are a few on th movie. I have pasted them all below. I have also included the websites where appropriate. You need to draw information from these criticisms to write your essay. Quote the websites in your bibliography.
<br>An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge is an account of a Southern man who is about to be hanged. As he is awaiting his death, the imbecile believes he has escaped and is floating downstream. He dodges Yankee bullets left and right. This is the first place the reader says to himself, "RIGHT...." Many more imagined events occur. Once the man has magically reached shore, he travels day and night until he finds home. The book says that the man becomes very tired near nightfall which indicates that in reality the Confederate is now hanged. The story unsurprisingly ends with a dead man hanging from a rope with a broken neck. It doesn't take a genius to realize this will eventually happen. Overall? The book was fine. The style was ok. Ambrose was a weird guy...Poe was better... Peace from ZIMBABWE!! HAIL THE KING!
<br>The other review I read here annoyed me so much that I "created an account" on this site to respond to it. Some people lack the ability to understand a writer's point or vision. "An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge" describes what the human brain might do in the last seconds of life... as Earthly life is being extinguished. This was done in a way that also comments on War and capital punishment... and on what things are dear to the Human Heart. The story is a classic, commonly found in literature anthologies, and was made into a wonderful short film (by the French, I believe) back in the 1960s. That film was later aired as an episode of "The Twilight Zone", and can be found on DVD in the "Twilight Zone" collection. In addition, Bierce's story was the basis of a ...

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