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    Experimental and Pre-Test/Post-Test Research Designs

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    I need someone to explain what is Participants, Apparatus/Materials, Measures, Procedure, and Ethical Considerations in psychology. What are the differences and why it is important to use them?

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    You have asked for assistance in learning the parts to a research project and the difference between them. I will lead you through the definition of each part and why they are important. But first, as a Brainmass expert, I cannot write the essay for you, but I can guide you along finding your information and giving some suggestions. I do need to ask you that you don't copy and paste this response, but instead use it as a guide.


    Obviously, this refers to the individuals taking part in the research or experiment. They are also called human subjects, experiment, trial, or study participants or subjects, They are individuals who participate by being the target of observation by researchers.

    Participants are important to the research because without them, there would be no research.


    This refers to all materials used for the research, like hardware, computers, or ...

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    The experimental and pre-test/post-test research designs are provided.