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    Quasi-Experimental and Pre-Test/Post-Test Research Designs

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    In this unit, you learned about the different quasi-experimental designs that researchers use. Illustrate how you could use the interrupted time series design to answer a real-world research question through the use of archival data. How could you revise this into an experimental time series design? Finally, illustrate how you could use the nonequivalent control group design to answer a research question that interests you. Why is this approach considered quasi-experimental?

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    48. Determining break-even price in a reduce-or-expand decision. QuickCare is a health care franchise that functions as a primary family health clinic, seeing unscheduled patients twenty-four hours a day. Several months after the grand opening, a corporate office management engineering study showed that the clinic was experiencing some dips in volume in the midafternoon hours. To increase volume, efficiency, and revenues, the clinic administrator contracted with the area high schools to provide ...

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    A Quasi-experimental and pre-test/post-test research designs are given. How to use the non equivalent control groups design are given.