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Three factors that impact attention and memory

Age, culture and gender impact attention and memory
â?¢ Consider how age can impact an individualâ??s memory and attention.
â?¢ Think about what impact, if any, you think gender and culture have on memory and attention across the lifespan.

With these thoughts in mind:

an explanation of how age, culture, and gender impact attention and memory

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As people age (particularly into late adulthood) they often experience greater diffuculty accessing information from long term memory. Tertiary memory appears to decline very little with age. It seems thatonce information is securely placed in tertiary memory it tends to stay there as long as the person lives. Efforts at cognitive skill training have shown that the cognitive and memory skills of older adults can be improved. Two suggested memory techniques to help the elderly aid their memory are practice and priming. Some elderly people can develop dementia which is characterized by memory loss- initially minor lapses but then more serious forgetfulness sometimes to the point where the people who have dementia are unable to recognize close family and friends. Other research suggests that the effects of aging may create decreased decrements in the sensitivity of the sensory register - which stores incoming sensory information for a split second after it is received, allowing it to be processed by ...

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The following solution provides an explanation of how age, gender and culture impact attention and memory.