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Factors that Impact Eyewitness Memory

What factors impact eyewitness memory? Which one of these factors do you think has the greatest impact on eyewitness memory? Why?

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Here is the introduction to your topic. The second question, you have to answer so if the prof. questions you, you can hold your own. I have attached an excellent doc. oops-- too big. See url at bottom. All factors seem to have impact, and I believe the second question depends on who is asking it-- the lawyer, the policeman, the psychologist...... the focus of your class and professor will influence your answer to the second question. Research does not agree on one factor having the greatest impact, generically speaking. If for example, this was specifically about eyewitness accounts of child abuse, there would be one answer. If this was about observing a robbery, that would be another answer (for your 2nd question).

Eyewitness memory processes utilize 3 cognitive processes. 1) The person sees an ...

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This solution discusses three cognitive processes relevant to eyewitness memory. This solution also discusses factors that can adversely influence encoding and storage of eyewitness memory. This solution is 500 words.