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    This posting obtains research and related materials (articles, video-tapes, artifacts, etc.) on brain-based learning and its relationship to play.

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    Please allow these attached files to offer research and related materials (on brain-based learning and its relationship to play. Once you draft your paper, please send to us for editing and feedback ideas:

    As you develop a stronger introduction, you might write about how many early education teachers and parents use the television or DVDs as primary tools to stimulate children. However, this paper explores how brain-based learning is activated through play, the relationship between brain-based research and play, and some strategies to encourage play and brain development within early education activities and lessons.

    First, the New Zealand article talks about how the more materials teachers offered kids to connect with (such as string, ribbon, train sets), the more that kids learned through repetition. Page five of the same article talks about brain development findings directly. The article also reinforces the value of working on schema-related activities.

    Although not as theoretical as the attached pdf file, this link also talks about brain and play connections: http://www.brain-based-learning.com/articlemidlinecross.htm

    I also cite research from http://www.uwsp.edu/education/celtProject/innovations/Brain-Based%20Learning/brain-based_learning.htm

    This link reiterates the core principles that facilitate brain-based education:
    1. The brain is a parallel processor. It can perform several activities at once.
    2. The brain perceives whole and parts simultaneously.
    3. Information is ...

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    Brain-based research and play are correlated.