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Sexual Issues and Dysfuncitons

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Case 2:

John and Sandra Wilson have been married for 12 years. They married immediately after they graduated from high school. John works at the local factory and earns good wages from working overtime. Sandra worked as a homemaker and took care of their children:"William, 10, and Regina, 8 until they began school. For the past two years, Sandra has worked as a receptionist at the school, a nice arrangement, as her workday coincides with the children's school day. Sandra is very involved with her children's activities and attends all of their sports and school functions. As John works overtime whenever possible, he is not able to attend many of the children's functions. His goal is to make enough money to cover the family expenses, which increased after building a new house. John and Sandra have begun to argue over money and John is pressuring Sandra to find a job that pays more. Sandra does not want a job that will interfere with the time she devotes to her children. John often is frustrated, however, with how much energy Sandra puts into the children's lives at the expense of spending time with or devoting energy to him. Sandra's response is always the same: "The children are only young once. I can spend time with you when they are older." As arguments around these issues seem to be escalating, the couple has decided to enter counseling. As a result of their first counseling session, the counselor identifies lack of nurturance of the relationship and financial/daily stressors as their biggest complaints.

Think about the approaches to sex therapy that are discussed and how the approaches might impact a couple in couples therapy and/or sex therapy.

Review the Case study and Consider the sexual therapy interventions that might be applied in this case with the following caveats:

The Wilson's have had limited sexual activity over the past year, although they report feeling sexually attracted to one another.

Mrs. Wilson reported sexual abuse as a child. Now that her daughter is the age she was when the abuse began, she is beginning to remember more details of her abuse, which is having an impact on her ability to enjoy her sexual relationship with her husband.

Mrs. Wilson's gynecologist recently diagnosed her with vaginismus.
Consider the challenges you might encounter using sexual therapy interventions with the Wilsons.

The assignment:

Compare two sexual therapy interventions you would suggest for the Wilsons in consideration of the above caveats, explaining the similarities and differences of these interventions.

Describe at least one challenge for each of the interventions you selected that a counselor might encounter as working with this particular case.

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(1) Compare two sexual therapy interventions you would suggest for the Wilsons in consideration of the above caveats, explaining the similarities and differences of these interventions

Sexual dysfunction is a condition that causes distress during sexual intercourse. In the present case study Mrs. Wilson is experiencing problems related to a condition known as Vaginismus. Vaginimus is a distressing condition in which the outer muscles of the vagina spasm and contract making sexual intercourse painful. A more formal definition provided for this sexual disorder is that it is the "recurrent or persistent involuntary contraction of the perineal muscles surrounding the outer third of the vagina during penetration......" (p. 556).

(a) One intervention that could be suggested for Mrs. Wilson is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. According to Lofrisco (2011) female sexual pain disorder are both important for women's well-being and sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction can have a significant positive effect on women's overall happiness. The CBT Therapy involves techniques such as sexual exercises, cognitive theory, ...

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