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    Data Collection

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    Qualitative and Quantitative

    Assess the use of qualitative data to support business decision making. Consider different types of qualitative data collection and analysis methods and the ways in which they can support business decision making and strategies.

    1/2 Fraction Factorial Design

    Create a 1/2 fraction factorial design for 4 factors and 8 runs using the design generator D =ABC. (The defining relation is I = ABCD.). Present your design as a table showing the coded levels of the 4 factors in standard order. Construct a table showing the alias structure of the design.

    Birth Order and Intelligence

    Do the results justify the conclusions? Why or why not? Children who come further down in the birth order have, on average, lower IQs than those born earlier in the birth order (e.g. First born children vs. 5th born children). Therefore birth order determines intelligence. (Answer provided in less than 100 words.)

    Restaurant Hours Preference Survey

    I need help developing a survey that will be used to gauge people's preferences for Dairy Queen, considering they are thinking of extending their hours of operations or open up a drive-through. The survey must be appropriate for this research. Can you provide me with some pointers?

    Pharmaceutical Company: Relieving Headaches

    5) Select the study that is most appropriate and EXPLAIN WHY it is most appropriate for the study. a) Is the aspirin produced by a particular pharmaceutical company better than that of a competitor at relieving headaches? Which of the following would best be used to study this: 1) a case-controlled observation; 2) an observatio

    3 qualitative questions based on elderly, self-esteem, and nursing home

    Given this scenario, formulate a research question that could be investigated with less than US $10,000. An elder-care facility has a problem with self-esteem of its clients. This is affecting the facilities monthly income as some clients are finding alternative housing options. As a result the facility is looking at dropping a


    1. How does technological advancement affect the ability to collect data? Does this advancement increase or decrease the chance for errors? 2. What are some critical decisions involved in selecting an appropriate measurment scale? How might these decisions influence the research design? 3. What is the importance of pretest

    Independent and dependent variables of an experimental study

    Oxytocin is a naturally occurring brain chemical that is nicknamed the "love hormone" because it seems to play a role in the formation of social relationships such as mating pairs and child-parent bonding. A recent study demonstrated that ocytocin appears to increase people's tendency to trust others. Using an investment game, t

    Research Methods for Health Science

    Qualitative and quantitative Data Collection Planning Dr. Morris is a new administrator of your facility. She is interested in getting a better understanding of how services are currently delivered as well as how effective the current processes are for achieving patient and employee satisfaction. You have been asked to help

    Independent and dependent variable; control, experimental group

    2. In a research project intended to gather data on the effects of type of study methods on examination performance, participants are randomly assigned to one of two conditions. In one condition they study alone, using notes they took during class lectures. In a second condition, participants study in interactive groups with not

    Studies can be misleading; conclusions are often based on undisclosed premises.

    Many alleged studies are misleading in that the conclusions are often based on undisclosed premises. Parenting books state that an advantage to breastfeeding is that it makes women healthier; what is not stated is that women who breastfeed tend to follow stricter diets, and it is the diets that actually makes them healthier.

    Diabetic versus nondiabetic; asthmatic versus nonasthmatic

    1. The table below summarizes results from an experiment in which subjects were classified as diabetic or nondiabetic and then given a treatment. After the treatment, they were again classified as diabetic or nondiabetic. Which combinations of before treatment/after treatment categories will yield discordant pairs? Befor

    Dr. Zak's: Test of Depression

    Case Study: Dr. Zak developed a test to measure depression. He sampled 100 university students to take his five item test. The group of students was comprised of 30 men and 70 women. In this group, four persons were African American, six persons were Hispanic, and one person was Asian. Zak's Miraculous Test of Depression is pr

    Credibility of improper research methods

    We sent reporters Debbie Jones to Springfield, Mall to find out what Springfield residents think about town council's proposed legislation for renaming the public library in honor of the late Mayor Jackson McCarthy. We'll have Debbie's report on the 11:00 P.M. newscast. Comment on the credibility of this 'research'.

    Method for Estimating Reliability and Substantiating Validity

    1. Provide a description of one method for estimating the reliability and one method for substantiating the validity of a test. 2. Discuss the conditions under which each method is appropriate and/or inappropriate. 3. Explain the importance of reliability and validity.

    Analyze research article: Aerospace and Defense - Black Collegian

    See attached file. Synopsis of the article including the following: a. Define the business research and its purpose. b. Explain the business problem(s) under investigation. c. Describe the data collection method(s) used in the research project. d. What did the researchers conclude as a result of their research? (1) t

    Risk reduction

    Please help with the following statistics problem. Provide step by step calculations. A person reads a research study of the effectiveness of perineal exercises in preventing urinary incontinence and notes that the number of subjects in each group is 120. She notes that 20 women experienced episodes of incontinence in the ex

    Validity and Reliablility

    Define validity and reliability. How can we insure our data is both reliable and valid? Which of these two do you think is the more important? Provide examples to support your reasoning.

    Data collection process.

    A part of our research design is the data collection process. We often do this by sampling. Differentiate between random and nonrandom sampling methods. As part of your response define several random and nonrandom sampling techniques. Also, as part of your response, explain why random techniques are always to be preferred to

    Research design

    As part of our setting up our research design we often do a review of the literature. Define this concept and explain why it is such an important part of our research process.

    Produt Mix and Transportation Problems

    Part one RMS, Inc. produces three raw materials that are blended together (mixed together) to produce two products: a fuel additive and a solvent base. Each kilogram of fuel additive is a mixture of 2/5 kilogram of material 1 and 3/5 kilogram of material 3. A kilogram of solvent base is a mixture of 1/2 kilogram of material 1,

    Mathematical formulation and solution of a inear programming problem.

    Case Study Mexicana Wire Works Ron Garcia felt good about his first week as a management trainee at Mexicana Wire Winding, Inc. He had not yet developed any technical knowledge about the manufacturing process, but he had toured the entire facility, located in the suburbs of Mexico City, and had met many people in various are

    Fundamentals of Qualitative Research Study

    Describe the unique fundamentals of a qualtitative research study, addressing the following: o Characteristics of a qualitative problem statement o Characteristics of a qualitative purpose statement o Formulation of qualitative research questions and hypotheses o Qualitative data collection proc