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Pharmaceutical Company: Relieving Headaches

5) Select the study that is most appropriate and EXPLAIN WHY it is most appropriate for the study.
a) Is the aspirin produced by a particular pharmaceutical company better than that of a competitor at relieving headaches? Which of the following would best be used to study this: 1) a case-controlled observation; 2) an observation; 3) a double-blind experimental procedure; and 4) and experimental procedure.

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Let us look at each one.

1) Case controlled observation:
This is definitely NOT the way to go. A case study usually is only a few participants. When you are trying to test the performance of a generic vs. the name brand, we can't base our research on only a few people. You need to have hundreds (or more ) people take the drug, in a systematic way, where half the people are given the generic version, and half the people are given aspirin.
Another issue with this method is the "observation". Granted ...

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The solution discusses how a pharmaceutical company that produces aspiring may be better than that of a competitor at relieving headaches.