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Options For Clinical Pain

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In this assignment, you will exercise critical thinking skills. Remember to suspend judgment while inquiring into multiple aspects of the issue. Answering the questions requires application of problem solving skills and methods, and your recommendations must be derived from your own evaluative decisions.

* Resources: Ch. 12 of Health Psychology
* Due Date: Day 7 Please Post In Your Assignment Link
* Consider the following three cases of clinical pain:

* Case 1: Various types of pain from a below-the-knee amputation resulting from diabetic neuropathy

* Case 2: Acute pain from an abdominal hysterectomy

* Case 3: Chronic headaches (non-migraine)

* Use information from Ch. 12 of the text and other sources to help you comment on whether surgical, pharmaceutical, behavioral, and cognitive treatment methods would or would not be considered appropriate for each of the three clinical pain cases. Discuss and defend your answers.

* Recommend an appropriate pain treatment plan employing one or more specific methods for each individual case. Describe each plan and provide support for your recommendations.

* Discuss the benefits of having all four (surgical, pharmaceutical, behavioral, and cognitive) pain treatment methods available to chronic pain patients in a traditional hospital.

* Use a minimum of two sources besides the text.

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Clinical pain is the term applied to the pain we experience that requires professional medical treatment. It can further be classified as acute or chronic and can result from known or unknown causes. Despite the fact that the pain may originate from a type of progressive disease such as arthritis or cancer, the treatment of clinical pain is part of humane medical patient care which possesses both medical and psychosocial benefits that aid in promoting recovery. Treatment of acute clinical pain has been shown to reduce the stress experienced by patients experiencing acute pain and thereby contributes to decreasing healing times and contributes to an overall positive emotional state of the patient during healing. When pain has transgressed into a chronic condition, the treatment becomes more complex and could include any number of approaches to include surgical, pharmacological, behavioral and cognitive treatments designed specifically for the individual patient and condition.

Case 1: Various types of pain from a below-the-knee amputation resulting from diabetic neuropathy - The initial assessment of this case leads us to consider phantom pain which is quite commonly associated with amputation. However, the patient must also be assessed for any other underlying cause of the pain such as an ill-fitting prosthetic limb which could be causing irritation at the site of the amputation. Physical ...

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