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Clinical Microsystems

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Case Study Narrative

1. Priority care needs of the patient at the center of the case study.

At time of initial assessment:
- Ascertain the cause of the patient's pain.
- Determine the patient's level of pain utilizing the 0-10 pain scale.
- Determine patient's acceptable level of pain on the 0-10 pain scale.
- Keep patient pain level within stated acceptable range.

- Determine patient's acceptable level of pain on the 0-10 pain scale.
- Keep patient pain level within stated acceptable range.
- Monitor for signs and symptoms of infection.
- Notify physician of nonproductive cough and left lower lobe crackles.

Post diagnosis of pneumonia:
- Begin antibiotic therapy in addition to other prescribed medications.
- Pulmonology consult.
- Continued hospitalization.

Discharge Planning:
- Discharge Instructions: Situations requiring notification of physician or patient to present at Emergency department.
- Follow-up appointment cards with dates and times of appointments with surgeon, pulmonologist and primary care physician.
- Attend interdisciplinary rounds of collaborative care team to discuss discharge plan.
- Coordinate home health nursing service as per recommendation of collaborative care team.

2. Priority care needs of the family care providers.

- Contact the patient's husband.
- Ensure care and safety of children.
- Notify employers of emergent situation in a timely manner.
- Include family in discharge planning.


Extended hospital stay due to pneumonia possibly requires:
- Additional childcare arrangements.
- Notification of employers.

3. The disruption that this acute illness has caused for the

A. Patient
- Protracted recovery phase.
- Possible loss/decrease in income due to surgery and protracted recovery phase.
- Inability to participate in usual exercise regimen.
- Inability to fulfil family role ...

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Analysis of case study with flowchart of clinical microsystem deployment.

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