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    Self-Efficacy, Self-Management, and Chronic Illness

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    Describe the relationship between self-efficacy, self-management, and chronic illness. Describe the impact that these systems have on influencing Clinical Microsystems. Analyze the strategies that the clinical leader can implement to enhance self-efficacy and self-management of chronic care patients and clinical staff. Respond to at least two of your colleagues, citing the literature to support your position.

    Please list references that are not websites. Thank you.

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    Self-management in older patients with chronic illness. Gallagher R; Donoghue J; Chenoweth L; Stein-Parbury J; International Journal of Nursing Practice, 2008 Oct; 14 (5): 373-82.

    Effectiveness of a primary care based complex intervention to promote self-management in patients presenting psychiatric symptoms: study protocol of a cluster-randomized controlled trial. By: Zimmermann, Thomas; Puschmann, Egina; Ebersbach, Martin; Daubmann, ...

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    Self-Efficacy, Self-Management, and Chronic Illness