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Self Esteem and Self Efficacy

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Explain the dynamics of how self esteem affects self efficacy. Provide an example of an internal or external force that impacts your self-efficacy.

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How does self esteem affect self efficacy? An example force is provided.

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There is a distinct difference between esteem and efficacy. Esteem has to do with the confidence of you achieving a goal and efficacy is the belief that one has the ability to achieve a goal. A person's self-esteem is based on their overall opinion of themselves and self-efficacy is that person's belief in his or her own abilities. Self-esteem and self-efficacy are impacted by one another because you would first need confidence (esteem) before believing that you have the ability (efficacy) to achieve a goal. According to Olivia (2011), the major difference between the two is that, "Self esteem is a permanent internal feeling while ...

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