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    Dimensions of Effective Microsystems

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    There are 8 dimensions of effective Microsystems. Which two (2) do you believe are the most important and why? Please provide examples.

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    Effective microsystems are comprised of eight dimensions.
    1). Constancy of purpose

    2). Investment in improvement
    3). Alignment of role and training for efficiency and staff satisfaction
    4). Interdependence of the care team to meet patient needs
    5). Integration of information and technology into work flows
    6). Ongoing measurement of outcomes

    7). Supportiveness of the larger organization
    8). Connection to the community to enhance care delivery and extend influence

    1). Constancy of purpose is focused on expanding the aim of the larger system. Continuity is established between members of the microsystem, patient care, and the larger system. Constancy of purpose is an important factor when applied in all settings within an organization. Example: a general statement could be the purpose of the larger system is to provide quality care. The microsystem extends this purpose by insuring the highest degree of care is actually ...

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